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College students practicing extemporaneous impromptu speaking at FireStory Communication Academy at a University near Nashville, Tennessee

FireStory Fundamentals Overview

Ignite real passion. Tell your Firestory

Storytelling is as old as the campfire. 


Storytelling is as natural as life itself.


Even in this digital age, maybe especially in this digital age, storytelling is still the most compelling, powerful, passionate medium of communication.


And yet so many of us today leave our story locked up inside


Maybe because there’s so much noise in this digital age, we think we can’t possibly be heard.


But the real reason so many of us don’t tell our story is, we’re just afraid. Afraid of what people would think if they heard our truth. Afraid of being seen for who we really are.


That fear can shrink and weaken your spirit, your life, your passion, and who you really are.

As Maya Angelou so eloquently said:

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

FCA corporate training event where 3 founders, execs, leaders are sitting on stage in front of their employees, staff during an interactive learning activity.

Adults (age: 18 - 108)

If you are an entrepreneur, business manager, thought leader, civic leader, podcaster, etc., we will help you become a  powerful storyteller and communicator. You’ll get the instruction and practice you need to help you deliver your core message with greater effectiveness and passion to your larger community.

Corporate Programs

Effective communication is the lifeblood of any professional organization.  We offer a unique, long-term program which is designed to engage the entire company in understanding the "WHY" which drives the business forward, and advances the communication skill of everyone from the front desk to the Executive Suites.

Most young people naturally feel awkward when asked to communicate with something that doesn't have a screen attached to it.  Imagine the great head start your child will have when they develop the confidence, skill,  and leadership that they need to speak effectively in any academic or professional situation! 

Students (age: 12-17)

At FireStory Communication Academy we liberate your story. In a moment’s notice, you can summon the passion within yourself to impact the world.  You learn how to dig deep within to find and activate your driving force for good, your differentiator, your Firetory.

The light of your Firestory, your why, is what truly ignites the passion of your audience and commands their rapt attention.

At Firestory Communication Academy we help a wide variety of people to more effectively engage and communicate extemporaneously with audiences.

People like...


  • Business and civic leaders, thought leaders, podcasters, entrepreneurs

  • Small and medium sized companies

  • Middle and high school students

Successful business owner and entrepreneur in Nashville is standing next to Jason Jordan, preparing an educational plan to train his companies with FireStory Communication Academy.
Two business professions posing for a picture as they are seated, practicing their new skills at FireStory Communication Academy in Nashville, TN.

Firestory Communication Academy offers 12 different services. They include:



In each of these programs you will learn to remove the limiting filters of self-doubt, and master the liberating art of truthful, spontaneous, extemporaneous speaking. You will learn to speak from your own heart, straight to the heart of your audience, fearlessly, compellingly.

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