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Business owner, executive, and a top employee practicing their new skills at a FireStory Communication Academy professional development and corporate training event for their company.

14 Weeks:  From Fear to FireBrand

Our signature program, customized to your company, will bring your employee engagement and communication to astonishing new levels.

FCA offers a unique corporate training program which is designed to engage every employee with the WHY behind the company's mission, and enables them to effectively share this from department to department, state to state, country to country, and even to customers, vendors and friends.

This is not a "quick fix"seminar, training event, or keynote that will have only a short term effect on your corporate culture. This is a 14 week, one hour per week, event which will transform the way your people communicate.

     Over time, your people will learn:

  • The true Firestory behind the creation of the enterprise.

  • The WHY behind the company, as well as each employee's personal WHY.

  • How to share the company's Firestory using impromptu and extemporaneous speaking techniques.

  • How each individual contributes to the larger mission of the company.

FCA student shaking Jason Jordan's hand on stage in front of the class before starting their speech.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

Fortune 500 executive at a FireStory Communication Academy corporate training event, practicing their new skills with their leadership team.

The corporate 14 Weeks: From Fear to Firebrand program conducted at your office or at the FCA facility. It can also be provided virtually in certain circumstances.

Topics include:


  • Voice skills

  • Non-verbal communication

  • Proper messaging

  • Storytelling skills

  • Starting with connection

  • Finishing with action

  • Quality listening

  • Positive evaluation


Bring a fiery sense of purpose back to your organization with this unique program customized to the needs of your company!

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