16 Weeks:  From Fear to FireBrand

Our signature program will give your child the experience and confidence to be a great communicator for the rest of their life.

When young people master the art of extemporaneous speaking and storytelling, they will have a whole new set of communication skills that will serve them in every aspect of life and their career. They will also be developing the confidence to use these new skills whenever a challenge arises.

Junior FireStory Fundamentals is a fun and interactive place for students to learn the right way to communicate extemporaneously for the rest of their lives. They gain invaluable public speaking experience in a safe and supportive environment practicing with like-minded peers.

This 16 week program meets once per week after school  for two hours, and costs
$599 per student.


Skills training includes:


  • Voice training

  • Non-verbal communication

  • Storytelling and interpretation

  • Impromptu and extemporaneous speaking

  • Dramatic reading

  • Original content development

  • Comedy interpretation


There will be several filmed showcases for students to demonstrate their skills in front of a live audience of friends and parents.

It’s great fun, and think what an advantage your young FireStory graduate will have going into college –and life – with the confidence to speak straight from the heart anytime, anywhere.

The next program begins in September of 2022.  Seating is limited, so reserve your place now!