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Professionals Networking in Nashvile, TN

14 Weeks:  From Fear to FireBrand

Our signature program will give you the skill and confidence to communicate your ideas with power.

No matter what your chosen profession, you will need to communicate your ideas with power and clarity. 

Are you an entrepreneur just beginning to scale your business? Are you an administrator in a business department, government department, or school? Are you a thought leader or podcaster? Are you someone who just needs to make a compelling presentation?

Whether you are a salesman, a manager, or an entrepreneur trying to attract investors, if you want to inspire action, the FireStory Communication Academy will help you be heard.

Public speaking and communication training class at a school in Nashville, TN
Entrepreneur taking notes at a professional development class on communication with FCA in Nashville, TN

14 Weeks: From Fear to Firebrand is for any adult who wants to improve their communication skills. It is an 14-week program that meets for 1 hour per week, and the cost is $299 per adult. You’ll learn the basics of passionate, extemporaneous, public speaking that incorporates a storytelling format.

Topics include:


  • Voice skills

  • Non-verbal communication

  • Proper messaging

  • Storytelling skills

  • Starting with connection

  • Finishing with action

  • Quality listening

  • Positive evaluation


If you would like to be a part of the next program, reserve your seat by clicking the link below.  Seating is limited!

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