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FCA Membership Programs

The next step for students and adults who have completed the 14 Weeks: From Fear to Firebrand program successfully.

Two administrators, executives, leaders in education, sitting down and preparing a plan to train staff, employees, teachers at their school with FireStory Communication Academy in Nashville, TN.

Membership is exclusively offered to select graduates of our FCA Signature Course: "14-Weeks: From Fear to Firebrand".


If you are new to FireStory Communication Academy, please first sign up for the version of this program that applies to you.

FCA Membership Programs

After completing 14 Weeks:  From Fear to Firebrand, you may be invited to join as a member and attend regular meetings with other graduates to practice the skills you have learned. These meetings are like a “gym” workout for your public speaking muscles. Click on any of the membership levels below to visit and observe a meeting, and meet some of the other members.

Student Membership: Weekly Communication Training for Middle and High School Students

Junior FCA membership meetings are a fun and interactive environment for Middle and High School students to practice the skills they learned in the 1 Weeks: From Fear to Firebrand course.

Our students will gain confidence as they practice their new communication skills and understand how to speak extemporaneously in any situation. 

When your student takes this program they learn how to put aside those boring Powerpoints and speak powerfully from the heart.  But they learn so much more. The confidence they gain through the skill of extemporaneous speaking gives them a big head start in developing the leadership skills they will need for success throughout their lives.


Junior Membership Meeting Groups will meet after school weekly with summer breaks. Summer camps for practicing speaking skills may also be available.

Adult Membership: Weekly Communication Training for Adults

You have learned all of the skills.  Now you need to practice...

FCA membership connects you with our network of dynamic individuals who meet weekly to continue developing their communication skills.  Our groups are professional, supportive, encouraging, and full of dynamic ideas and fresh perspectives.

Best of all, you get immediate feedback from the community, with solid ideas for continuous improvement.  

The connections you will find with other members will be deeper and more fulfilling than you will find in any other professional program.  It is a connection based on sharing our own stories of comedy, enlightenment, struggle, pain, and triumph.  We share our FireStories!


If you are 18+ and would like to maximize your skill in a warm, supportive, professional environment, then an Adult FCA Membership is for you. 

Corporate Membership: Communication Training for Companies

Effective internal communication skills are absolutely essential for boosting business efficiency and morale, yet studies show that most business leaders feel that ineffective internal and external communications impairs the cohesiveness and efficiency of their workplace.


The Corporate Membership program is fully customized to your business, and will be held weekly at your location, our Academy, or on Zoom. Over time, your team will study and practice different forms of communication, including inter-generational communications, sales communication, leadership communication, and a lot more!

FireStory Communication Academy is the place to go to improve your ability to communicate effectively in the modern world.

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