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Find Your Voice Keynote Program

Turn your Firestory into a real TED talk and convey the power of your voice

Aspiring Professional Speaker is on stage in front of other professionals in the crowd at FireStory Find Your Voice Keynote Program class session to improve their public speaking, audience interaction, and keynote delivery skills.

How important is a keynote speech?


It can change your life. It can change the world.


In 2004, a young, relatively unknown local politician from Illinois was asked to give the keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention. 


The young man gave a stirring speech about his life, his struggle, equal opportunity, and hope. It was absolutely electric. A classic Firestory.


The young man was Barack Obama.


In the Find Your Voice Keynote Program, participants craft a 20-minute keynote, TED Talk-style speech. Participants help each other find their Firestories. Then over the ensuing 16 weeks of the course, participants craft their messages complete with engaging introductions and action-inspiring conclusions.


At the end of the program everyone delivers a speech, and as voted by the group, the four most effective keynote speakers are chosen. At a free public event, these four finalists will present their keynote addresses/Firestories.


Great speeches have made history. Great speeches have great power. Find the power in your voice. In ways great or small, you too can change the world with your Firestory.


Enroll in Find Your Voice Keynote Program.

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