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Parents smiling and laughing with their daughter during a Family Communications Class at FCA

FireStory Family Communications

Bring harmony back to the family through positive communications from a loving heart

Many families struggle today to achieve harmony and a sense of togetherness. Both parents and children are often overwhelmed by too many conflicting activities and a general lack of purpose and unity.

In many families, parents and children seem to have little connection. In fact, many children behave defiantly in the house, and even outside the home.

Other realities facing children and families today may include:


  • Overwhelm and time constraints

  • Excessive screen-time engaged in distracting social media

  • Poor grades

  • Moodiness, depression, fear, and anxiety


Problems such as these can have a devastating long-term impact on a person’s life. They can lead to long-term resentments, addictions, drop-outs, and divorce.

If your family is strong now, here’s the way to keep it strong.

Parents and their daughter running through a field to celebrate completing the FireStory Communication Course for families in Nashville, TN.

FireStory Communication Academy has teamed with world renowned family-healer Steve Vannoy to present his life-changing and world-changing program, The 10 Greatest Gifts I Give My Children.

The 10 Greatest Gifts Program has been spreading priceless virtues and values like honesty, responsibility, and self-reliance to families the world over through more direct and affirming communications.

The mission of the 10 Greatest Gifts Program is uplifting lives, creating infinite connections, possibilities, and love!

How? Through teaching methods of family communication that build trust and security between parent and child. The approach of the 10 Greatest Gifts Program is designed to build strong values proactively in the child-parent relationship.

Too often, parents employ negative approaches to communications early in the child’s life that lead to problems later in their lives. Trying to deal with these problems reactively is very difficult, and, in fact, the problems can even spiral out of control.

Young daughter, parents, and grandparents laughing at a FCA family class online that teaches families how to improve communication and better understand each other.

We teach parents how to communicate in an affirmative and instructive manner so that children interiorize positive values that they can use as a foundation for a happy and successful life.

So many of us were raised by parents who were trapped in the snare of negative communication methods. Naturally, we tend to use similar methods with our own children. But this only leads to conflict, disharmony, even rebellion against the very values we’re trying to teach and the values our children need to succeed in life.

FireStory Family Communications is a 5-week program where parents and grandparents learn the
5 essential tools for parenting effectively from the heart to get your children started off right in their life journey.

Yes, everyone will respond to your firestory. Even your children.

Enroll in Firestory Family Communications and bring harmony and joy back to your family life.

Parents and their 2 young sons all hugging each other at a FireStory Communication Academy class for parenting, family relations.
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