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FireStory Networking Skills

Use your Firestory to create a network of opportunity to advance your career and your business

Interns and new hires are sitting in front of a laptop in a large office at a big tech company that purchased the FCA live interactive online class that teaches them networking skills that build important business relationships.

Successful people have a solid network. These relationships are essential when building and advancing your career. And when it comes time to search for a new job, a network is priceless. 


In fact, experts estimate that 84% of jobs are found through personal networks, rather than job boards or social media.


Developing a network and selling yourself effectively are absolutely essential skills for business success. To do that, you need to be able to tell your Firestory.

Group of students around a table high five each other while practicing what they learned at FCA in Nashville, TN.

FireStory Networking Skills is a 2-hour seminar divided into 3 sections:

inner-circle development icon

Practicing inner-circle development.

orange elevator pitch icon

Learning the elevator pitch.

orange conversation bubble icon

Becoming a skillful conversation starter.

The inner-circle is a trusted group of friends who give frank, no-holds-barred, straight from the heart, real advice. Every leader needs someone they can trust for honest advice and in this seminar we teach you how to build and contribute to an inner-circle. Here you learn how to build and manage your inner-circle.

When you meet a stranger and they ask, “What do you do?” do you fumble the response or stumble for words? Or do you command the situation with a sharp and convincing first impression that could open doors for you? Get your elevator pitch down pat and make it natural.

Regardless of how competent you are at your business, if people don’t feel comfortable being around you, it will limit your reach and your success. Sometimes all it takes is to get the conversation started to break the ice and make the connection that leads to a fruitful business relationship.Learn how to start a conversation in a natural, comfortable manner.

Free yourself from the inhibitions that limit your connections in the business world. Use your Firestory to expand your network, make friends, and be a friend to others in an ever-expanding network of helpful contacts. 


Enroll in FireStory Networking Skills.

Enroll in FireStory Networking Skills for just $xxxxxx
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