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Young adults having fun at Christian FireStory Classes near Nashville, TN.

Your Christian FireStory

Learn how to better share the amazing blessings you have through Jesus Christ with others

The most searing, burning, Firestory there is for Christians is the story of how Jesus Christ transforms our lives.

It’s the story of Paul on the road to Damascus. A light so bright, so joyous, so transformational, that it inspired him to traverse the entire Judeao-Greco-Roman world to share his wondrous blessing with all who would receive it.

Paul paid with his life for refusing to hide his Christian Firestory, but the inspiration of his message lit a redemptive fire in countless lives and continues to change the world unto this very day.

We can’t all be Saint Paul, but each Christian, each in their own way, can help bring the Joy of Christ’s message to hungry, seeking souls.

Elementary aged child praying at a private school where Christian FireStory Classes are being taught to students.

In fact, as Christians we are commanded to do so.

Are you afraid to share your born again story? Do you feel bottled up inside when you try?

Your Christian FireStory needs to be told. The light of Christ’s message of universal love in you is a Firestory that must be shared to transform hearts and change lives.

Telling your Christian Firestory straight from the heart not only inspires others, but can inspire greater faith and love within you as well.

Dad pointing at something to his middle school aged daughter while she is on his shoulders at a Christian FireStory Communication event.
Teenagers praying with parents, giving thanks after learning new ways to share Christ with the world at a Christian FireStory class in Nashville, TN.

Learn to share the Good News of Christ, extemporaneously, straight from the heart, so that others can feel the power of that message. Let people you know feel His love by sharing that love with them freely and with all your passion.

Enroll in Your Christian FireStory.

FireStory Fundamentals are NOT required (but are recommended) to attend this communication program. This is a free program.

Enroll in Your Christian FireStory
Enroll in FireStory Communication Academy
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