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Professional speaker in front of a crowd at a FireStory Communication Academy storytelling event in Nashville, Tennessee


Communication skills training for the modern world

FireStory Programs

14 Weeks:
From Fear to Firebrand

Student Program

Sold out. Next session starts in 2024

14 Weeks:
From Fear to Firebrand

Adult Program

Sold out. Next session starts in 2024

14 Weeks:
From Fear to Firebrand

Corporate Program

Custom Start Date


What Is The FireStory Communication Academy?

At the FireStory Communication Academy, we provide a safe and engaging place for students, professionals, and businesses to learn how to become spectacular communicators.  The primary tools we use are storytelling and extemporaneous speaking.

Sharing stories is how we influence and inspire others.  A properly told story elicits emotion and connection with an audience, breaking down barriers and triggered defenses. The storyteller's message is more easily remembered, accepted, and applied.

Extemporaneous speaking is the most useful and commonly shared form of communication in the business world, although it is rarely practiced.  It is that hazy space between  fully memorized and practiced, and "off the cuff" speaking that is most practical in a professional setting. This is almost never taught in school or a professional development setting.


At FCA, you will learn to master these skills (and many others) in a safe and fun environment, which will continue to benefit you throughout the rest of your career.

What Our Clients Say

Picture of a high school student who didn't like public speaking until he graduated from FireStory Communication Academy

Dane R.


“I never imagined that I would actually enjoy standing up in front of a group of people and talking, but now I like it! This is a very fun way to learn about public speaking, and how to feel more comfortable with it.  I gained a ton of confidence, and made some great friends!”

Headshot of successful Entrepreneur, Michael Walsh who recommends other business owners and professionals enroll in FireStory Communication Academy

Michael Walsh

Senior Portfolio Manager

“Firestory changes the way I think about communicating. Helping people understand an idea vs providing data is at the core of communication. When I want my clients to really understand an idea I use the techniques I learned from Jason to de-clutter complex ideas.”

Headshot of Jason Stack, successful Business Owner who recommends the employee training, professional development, and lunch & learn corporate programs for your staff at FireStory Communication Academy

Jason Stack

President, STC Traffic Corporation

“Working with the FireStory Communication Academy has been a great help for my team.  It has been so much fun to watch my team of engineers grow in their confidence and ability to communicate effectively with each other, our clients, and our partners.”

The Power of the Story

Since humans first gathered around their earliest fires to speak of their daily adventures, the human brain has been hard-wired to tell and listen to stories.

In this increasingly digitized world, now more than ever, stories are what spark connections. Connection to the information at hand, connection to the speaker, and connection to one another. Stories connect the random data coming at us and colors it with meaning and context.

Stories connect our hearts and our minds, our passion, and our intellect.

Stories bring us pleasure. They make us laugh and cry. They teach us life lessons. We never forget a good story.

If you want to bring clarity to this world of noise, chaos, and confusion..

If you want people to sit up and pay attention...

Learn to be a great storyteller.

Picture of University Professor & Professional Speaker, Jason Jordan teaching successful entrepreneurs, c-level executives, and leaders in education how to effectively use extemporaneous speech, active listening, and strategic presentation skills to improve staff productivity and happiness at the workplace.

What is a FireStory?

Our lives are full of great stories!  Some make us laugh, while others may bring a tear to our eyes.  Great storytellers share understanding and connection in a world where we increasingly mistrust the constant stream of data we are being fed.

A FireStory, however, is different.  We all have FireStories. They are the narratives of the moments that changed our lives.  They shape our values, provide our drive and inspiration, and fuel the fires of our passion.

Sharing these stories is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves and others!

Check all of the social media, blogs, videos, and web pages in this vast ocean that we call the internet.  Everyone is struggling to be heard!  This is the wrong pursuit.  Studies reveal that we are becoming LESS connected and more isolated every day.  We don't need to be HEARD.  We need to be UNDERSTOOD.  We achieve this by sharing our FireStories.

Why don't we share these stories?

Sharing them requires us to be vulnerable, which is extremely uncomfortable for most of us.  If we want true human connection, however, we must allow ourselves to be truly seen and known.  FCA is the safe place where we learn how to share the biggest moments in our lives!

Professional Speaker, University Professor, and Founder of FireStory Communication Academy, Jason Jordan sitting on steps before going on stage at a business event near Nashville, TN.

FCA Code of Conduct

We understand that public speaking, especially when not fully prepared, is scary.  When people begin start sharing sensitive stories from their lives, they are vulnerable.  That demands respect and honor from the rest of the community.  At FCA we promise:

  1. This is a safe place to learn, try new things, and even to fail.

  2. All of our attention will be focused on the speaker.

  3. All criticisms given will be positive and encouraging.

  4. When called to speak, we always accept the challenge.

  5. We enthusiastically applaud when a speaker is introduced and when the talk is completed.

  6. Coming to FCA regularly is a priority.

  7. Failure is only a problem if we don't try again.

  8. We NEVER interrupt a FireStory for any reason.

FCA Founder, Jason Jordan meeting with leaders in business and education, consulting administrators at colleges, universities, private institutions, k-12 schools, after school programs, study at home school classes, educational centers, non-profits, and more.
FireStory Communication Academy - Live Online Corporate Training, Professional Development, and Lunch & Learn program for successful entrepreneurs and their staff.

Where do you start?
14 Weeks:  From Fear to




1.   a person who is passionate about a particular cause, typically inciting change and taking radical action.

"a political firebrand"

synonyms:radical, revolutionary, agitator, rabble-rouser, incendiary, subversive, troublemaker

"a group of political firebrands"

2.  a piece of burning wood.

Most people begin a communication course to, "overcome a fear of public speaking".  While this is a noble endeavor, it is not what people truly want.  They want to be heard, valued, and understood.  Our Signature 14-week Program will give you all of this and a lot more!


Students of all ages will learn the fundamentals of great communication, storytelling, impromptu speaking, and extemporaneous speaking.  Each session will include instruction from a seasoned professional speaker, as well as the opportunity to practice live.  Students will also complete 4 presentations that will be recorded for review, evaluation, and sharing.  For more information, click on the appropriate link below.

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