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Sharing a Revolutionary Idea

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Share your firestory to generate understanding, gain buy-in, create a community, win customers, and attract investors.

You are poised to change the world. An influencer with a huge idea! A disruptor. Your time has come...

​But you can't seem to get traction. People don't see the same vision that you have, and don't want to get on board. You need partners, investors, clients, and employees, but you are stuck. You just can't seem to generate the excitement that will undoubtedly come when people understand your idea.

​WHY not? What is missing? You are a subject matter expert. You have done the research. You spent endless hours crafting your PowerPoint slides. When you present your amazing idea, why are eyes glazing over?

​Why is that guy checking his phone??? Yes, I see you!!!

​The key to everything is your FireStory. Do you want people to be excited when you share your idea? Do you want them to show up early with a notebook in hand, elbowing each other out of the way for a spot in the front row? Do you want your presentations remembered, and spoken about for weeks, months, or even years after?

​It doesn’t matter what kind of presentation you are giving. Nobody wants to hear a presentation about “The 20 New Features of the XYZ Widget”. Send it in an e-mail.

​People learn and retain information through stories. Stories that make us feel emotion: FireStories! A strong FireStory, properly delivered, creates connection, empathy, and will even stir passion in your audience.

​Most importantly, it generates understanding. Share your FireStory and watch your audience light up. Heads will be nodding, and people will listen with fervor. You will attract the support that you need, and your vision will become a reality.

Rediscover and share your FireStory, and light up the world!


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