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Make Your Business Stand OUT!

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

"People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it."

-Simon sinek

It is the age of information! A whole world of information (and mis-information) is constantly available on a tiny device hidden in your pocket. If that isn’t enough, we are constantly bombarded through social media and emails with tiny snippets of opinion, masquerading as fact. Everyone is looking to gather you in, gain your trust, and potentially access your wallet, 130 characters at a time. Information is so ubiquitous, we barely notice it anymore.

​So how do you get noticed? How do you break through those barriers of trust and attention to share your groundbreaking products or services with the world?

​A genuine FireStory, expertly crafted and delivered, is the key to your success. The buzz around brand firms these days is that “Story is the new marketing!” They are close. A GENUINE story is the new marketing. People can recognize a fake from a mile away, and will instantly turn a deaf ear.

A true FireStory will radiate light, energy, and understanding for those who hear it. It attracts the right audience for your message, and creates more than a casual observer – it creates a passionate believer.

​The product or service you want to deliver is important, but it is not the primary reason a person will buy from you or support your efforts. They want to believe in YOU, not your offering.

​A FireStory is NOT:

​A marketing or sales “trick”.

An elevator speech, or a 30 second commercial.

A punchy catch phrase that sticks in your head like an annoying jingle.

​A FireStory IS:

​A REAL and EMOTIONAL narrative.

A story that has TRUTH and MEANING.

A message that will be UNDERSTOOD and REMEMBERED.

​Share your FireStory and light up the world!!!


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