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Junior FCA Course

Weekly Communication Training for Students

High School students and middle school students pair up to practice communication skills at an FCA class in Nashville, TN.

FCA Junior Academy is the place students go to develop the communication skills that are so crucial to success. Success in all walks of life. Such as:


The modern campus is not a place where students just sit and take notes anymore. Modern learning is interactive. The students who excel must express themselves clearly and persuasively, both to professors, and other students.


Clear communication is essential, both in creating positive rapport with customers, and in building trust and teamwork within the organization.


Successful business managers and owners must clearly and passionately convey the founding vision of the business in order to infuse in the workers the sense of purpose they need to fulfill that vision.

Life and relationships

So many friendships, and yes, marriages, suffer an erosion of honesty and trust because one or both of the partners simply don’t know how to express their true feelings.

So much of education today lacks balance. Sure, schools teach knowledge. At their best they may even teach analytical thinking skills. But what good is acquiring an education if you cannot clearly, concisely, and passionately express your ideas?


And yet so many young people feel bottled up inside, lacking the confidence and skill to bring into the world the unique knowledge and insight that only they can offer.


With Junior FCA Course this crippling fear ends.


At Junior FCA students learn the excellent communication skills so many young people lack. The very skills which will set them above the pack and give them a clear head start towards success in their young lives. 

Students standing outside of their FireStory Public Speaking class at a high school near Nashville, TN.

And in the process, the young person learns so much more:

Self confidence

The freedom to be themselves by being able to effectively deliver a concise and compelling message in any situation.


Honest and direct communication with friends and family that creates trust and improves relationships throughout life.

Self assurance

The ability to use powerful language to stand strong for their principles, and to oppose those things they know are wrong.


Only those with a strong, clear, and persuasively delivered message can gain the kind of respect that gets you recognized as a true leader.

What Is Junior FCA Course?

To be a Junior Member you must be a junior or high school student between the ages of 12-17. Ideally students will have completed the Junior Fundamentals Course first before becoming Junior FCA members. However, if the Fundamentals course has not been offered you may become a member and then take the Fundamentals course later when it becomes available.


Here, your student continues the training introduced in the fundamentals course, to develop the following skills:

  • Voice control

  • Full body communication

  • Storytelling and interpretation

  • Impromptu and extemporaneous speaking

  • Dramatic reading

  • Original content development

  • Comedy interpretation

College students enjoy a practice activity at a University that now uses the FireStory Communication Academy program to transform the way they teach their Public Speaking classes.

With Junior FCA Course, students get to practice and hone their skills with other graduates of the Fundamentals Course in a super-fun and interactive environment. Your teen will become proficient at extemporaneous speaking while practicing with their classmates...and future leaders of America.


Meetings take place once a week after school, and summer camps are available as well. Homeschool students are also welcome.


Junior FireStory Members develop meaningful and lasting friendships with other fine young people in the process. They forge bonds that can last a lifetime.

What Else Comes with Junior FCA Course?

Junior members have access to the online continuing education FireStory course. This includes:


  • The entire catalog of previous educational videos

  • Featured videos of the month

  • Videos of their own speeches which are available in their own folder on Google Drive.

  • Educational forms and worksheets for download

  • Upcoming events and special pricing information

  • Updates about competitive speech and debate opportunities that include competitions, and tournaments like the Speech Tournament of America.


With Junior FCA Course, students develop communication skills that will serve them throughout their whole life: in college, in business, in their workplace, and in their personal relationships. 


Students also build new relationships with other young people as they work together to learn the invaluable skills of extemporaneous communication. 


Junior FCA Course costs only $29/month, or $290 per year.

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