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Corporate FCA Membership

Weekly Training to Improve Corporate Communications


Every management team has a vision and a special mission. 


But over time, both the management team and the employees can forget what that mission is. People understand the what and the how of their jobs, but they operate without a proper understanding of the WHY

And if employees don’t know their WHY, they are just phoning it in and trading dollars for hours.

That’s what Corporate FCA Membership is all about: re-igniting the passion in your workplace by re-focusing on the WHY. 


It’s Time to Bring Passion Back into Your Workforce

When you take action to ensure that every employee knows the WHY behind your company’s mission, you provide them with the communication tools to effectively share this vision from department to department, state to state, country to country, and especially, to customers, vendors, and other partners.


Weekly Corporate Membership Meetings

After your employees have taken the FireStory Corporate Fundamentals Course, we begin the weekly membership meetings at your location or at the FCA campus.


This program is not a band aid, a quick fix, or a one time, feel-good event that can be quickly forgotten. The weekly corporate meetings will transform your employees and your corporate culture forever. 


Over time, your people will learn:

  • The true Firestory behind the creation of your enterprise

  • The company’s WHY: the purpose, mission, and vision that makes what they do each day so important

  • Their own personal WHY within the organization

  • How to share the company’s Firestory with customers and the general public using impromptu and extemporaneous speaking techniques 

  • How their unique contribution makes a real impact and helps to fulfill the larger corporate mission 

  • To clearly communicate within the organization to avoid confusion and misdirection

When you empower your employees with the WHY of your business, and the WHY of their own roles within your business, you’re driving motivation, productivity, and overall success.

Your workplace develops a certain kind of synergy. It becomes the place where the best employees want to be. You attract the best. And you retain the best.


Discover how to reignite passion in your workplace.


Enroll in Corporate FCA Membership.

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