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14 Weeks:  From Fear to Firebrand

Learn how to leverage extemporaneous speaking and storytelling to light a fire in your audience

Before the computer age, bad public speakers read their speeches from notecards. Today, bad public speakers read their speeches from PowerPoint slides.  Why?  Traditional training teaches us to write out, memorize and practice formal speeches.  Who has time for that these days?

In our signature 16-Week program, you will learn how to speak with very limited preparation, without fear or hesitation. You’ll learn to master storytelling techniques which enables you to deliver your message in a natural, spontaneous, compelling, and passionate way..

With practice, you’ll gain the confidence to speak honestly and directly, and be able to deeply connect with the minds and hearts of your listeners.
FireStory Communication Fundamentals is a 16-week program and is available for middle and high school students, adults, and corporations, and is a prerequisite for membership.


In 16 Weeks: From Fear to Firebrand you will learn to:


  • Establish a deep connection with your audience with only 30 minutes of preparation

  • Use storytelling to captivate your audience

  • Convince others to understand and share your perspective

  • Help people to comprehend complex ideas or products

  • Move others to take action


​Our signature program is offered in three formats.  Click the appropriate link below to find out more:


Unlock your truth. Inspire your audiences.
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