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Adult FCA Membership

Weekly Communication Training for Professionals

Adult FCA Membership is the place for professionals seeking to become effective communicators. From entrepreneurs and aspiring podcasters to those in corporate or civic leadership positions, we help you develop communication skills that connect with people and bring clarity in any situation.

2 young female professionals smiling as they discuss feedback for one another at a fun FireStory Communication Academy training session hosted by their company in Nashville, TN.

Why Adult FCA Membership?

As a member you will practice your communication skills on a weekly basis with other like-minded adult-professionals. It’s like a “gym workout” for your extemporaneous communications skills.


At the meetings you will learn how to:


  • Clearly communicate to your workforce your corporate vision

  • Create clear lines of internal communication

  • Develop business networking skills

  • Express yourself clearly and powerfully in any situation

Professional FCA Membership is available to anyone who has completed Professional FireStory Fundamentals. 


If you want to be an Adult FCA member before the Professional FireStory Fundamentals class has become available, you may do so until the Professional FireStory Fundamentals class officially meets.

Successful entrepreneur and FCA member is sitting behind a table during a live interview podcast, using what he learns at his regular FireStory Communication meetings and trainings.

What Else Comes With Adult FCA Membership?

Adult members have access to the online continuing education FireStory educational materials. These include:


  • Access to upcoming events with special member pricing  

  • Videos from the entire FireStory video catalog become available in your own folder on Google Drive

  • Educational forms and worksheets available for download  

  • Course brochures available for download or distribution    

  • Special pricing for professional support materials, such as marketing services including web design, social media management, sales support, copywriting services, and accounting services


The learning never stops for adult professionals who want to take their career to the next level (in any field). But no matter how much you know, if you can’t communicate that knowledge with passion and clarity, all that knowledge really doesn’t matter.

Business professional walking out of the office as he views a video of his latest impromptu presentation at FCA.

Here’s just a sample of the video courses you’ll have permanent access to as an adult FCA member:

orange fundamentals icon

FireStory Communication Fundamentals: If you’re here you’ve already been through the course. But you never stop learning and improving the fundamentals. Re-learn the secrets of telling your Firestory from the core of your being. Speak the truth extemporaneously, without fear or inhibition. These lessons bring fresh insight every time you study them.

orange text convo icon

FireStory Generational Communications: The generation gap may be impeding your ability to communicate effectively to all people — and you don’t even know it. Learn the secrets of communication to people of all ages and understand what their values are so you can influence them more effectively.

orange briefcase business growth icon

FireStory Business Fundamentals: In this course you hone your FireStory skills specifically for the corporate environment. Topics include: proper messaging, storytelling skills, starting with connection, finishing with action, quality listening, and positive evaluation.

Clear and passionate communication that enlightens and inspires is the key to success in any professional endeavour.


It’s time to set your business and professional career on fire.


Become an Adult FCA Member today. Only $29 per month, or $290 per year.

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