My story...

Your FireStory is My Passion!

When it comes to business, I live for a moment.  It is a special moment in any interaction I have with a new client.  We are rolling along.  I am asking questions.  Then...


I find the FireStory.  I can see it in my client's face.  They lean forward, and their cheeks turn red.  Their entire demeanor becomes animated.  The client radiates commitment, passion, excitement, and dedication rolled up into a fiery ball!  We have arrived!!


In nearly 20 years of work in Field Sales, Product Marketing, and Business Development in a variety of industries, I can tell you that these moments were few and far between.  We were almost exclusively involved in things like features, advantages, benefits, vision statements, mission statements, TPS reports, core values, and especially financial reports.  These didn't inspire much passion, but they did come in handy when I was having trouble falling asleep some nights...


I completed my MBA in 2004 at Texas A&M, with a focus in Entrepreneurship.  I found competing in case competitions (before the rise of "Shark Tank") to be especially exciting!  I remember noticing, at the time, that the teams that usually won were expert storytellers, and always had a compelling narrative for the inspiration for their business idea.  I would watch as their stories connected with the judges, and their faces would crack into beaming smiles.  That was when I first realized how storytelling could impact business.


In 2009, I launched my dream career as a professional speaker and coach, primarily focused on the interaction of the Generations (Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials).  I developed programs on Intergenerational Sales Tactics, Leadership Development, and Communications, which were delivered at corporations and events around the country. Giving people tools to help them connect with others outside their generation was immensely satisfying, but the more business leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers I worked with, the more I pushed them toward sharing their story.

This inevitably led me to the stories that matter most:  The FireStories!

I am committed, for the rest of my career, to helping people discover and share their FireStories.  In a world that is overrun with information and people trying to be heard, what we truly need is UNDERSTANDING.  We don't need to know what you do or how you do it.  We need to know your WHY.  Your FireStory provides your WHY.

Start sharing your FireStory, and watch everything change in your business!  I am here to help.

My Manifesto:
  • I believe God has a purpose for all of us.

  • I believe we live our best and happiest lives when we follow that purpose.

  • I believe God reveals our purpose to us over the course of our lives, through certain poignant moments and life-changing events. The accounts of these moments are called FireStories.

  • I believe these moments are meant to be inspiration for us to live our best lives.

  • I believe we must share these FireStories in order to teach and inspire others, as well as to attract the right kind of people to support our work

  • I believe that people learn most effectively through stories; especially stories that have emotion.

  • I believe people want to be listened to, heard, and understood, especially when it comes to these stories.

  • I believe that people want to share these stories, but don't know how to do it.

  • I believe that FireStories are the new marketing, as well as the oldest marketing there is.

  • I believe a FireStory is much more effective than any mission statement or vision statement for unifying employees around your company’s purpose, giving them direction, and creating a culture worth fighting for.

  • 20 years of professional experience in sales, marketing, and business development in automotive, advertising, and hospitality industries.

  • MBA in 2004 from the Mays Business School of Texas A&M (Gig 'em Aggies), with a double focus in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

  • Certified "BridgeBuilder" generational program trainer and coach.

  • 6 year career speaking and training on Generational Sales, Marketing, and Communication.

  • DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) certification with Toastmasters International.

  • District Champion and event finalist in Toastmasters public speaking competitions.

  • Past President of Palomar Airport Toastmasters and Beach and Business Toastmasters.

  • Double Ruby designation with the National Forensics League.

  • Outspoken member of Generation X, but have given up wearing the flannel and leather boots.

  • Proud husband and father (Go ahead.  Ask me all about them).